District Chapter 109
Metro Washington DC
Gallery: Carolyn Comras                                                                                        www.cjcfineart.com

12 in x 10 in
District Chapter 109
Metro Washington DC
Citrus and Bowl
10 in x 8 in
Peppers II
9 in x 8.25 in
Peppers I 
10 x 14 inches
Carolyn Comras is both a colored pencil and a watercolor artist. Aside from a few drawing classes in college, she is self-taught.  

In 2017, with the encouragement of her family, Carolyn committed to work her life around her art instead of the other way around. That same year she was featured in Ann Kullberg’s Hidden Treasures (Vol. 4) and was subsequently invited to be a contributing artist in Kullberg’s DRAW Reflections in Colored Pencil demonstration book. Carolyn’s art was juried into the 2019 Colored Pencil Society of America’s (CPSA) Explore This! 15 online exhibit and won the District Chapters Award for Distinction. Her art was also accepted into the 2019 CPSA’s juried Annual International Exhibit at the City of Brea Art Gallery in Brea, California.

Carolyn enjoys the challenge of representing light in her work, whether it be reflections in a piece of crystal, or the way sunlight filters through foliage or glows within a luminous flower petal. She is currently experimenting with mixed media, specifically combining colored pencil with watercolor – a melding of her two loves.

11 in x 14 in