District Chapter 109
Metro Washington DC
Gallery: Betty Hafner, CPSA                                           bettyhafner.blogspot.com                                

The Stars
8 in x 9 in
San Francisco Cafe
12 in x 15 in
6:19 PM
12 in x12 in
Table for Two
14 in x 16 in
Reading Room
10 in x 13 in
Al Fresco
10 in x 12 in
Troll Pride Parade
11 in x 14 in
The artistic process begins for me when I notice something that touches me with its beauty or freshness or even quirkiness.  If I’m lucky, I can capture the moment in a photo and then create a painting that allows me to continue enjoying it and to share it with others. Often I am attracted to people in a particular setting whose body language suggests a narrative but the stillness of a natural setting or the drama of hills and valleys might also speak to me.

I try for a strong composition and choose bold colors to convey the energy I experienced when I first saw my subject. The medium of colored pencil suits my style of representational art and allows me to use my favorite art tool—a pencil.  I create the colors in my work by putting down one layer of pencil over another so the mixing of colors is done on the paper, not on a palette as a painter would do. 

I have had works juried into various shows, most notably at Colored Pencil Society International Exhibitions in TX and TN where I won an Award of Excellence, Dunedin Fine Art Center (FL), Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts (VA), Arlington Arts Center (VA) and many shows at the Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Arts Center (VA) where my work hangs in the Bin Gallery.

District Chapter 109
Metro Washington DC