District Chapter 109
Metro Washington DC
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Zoe                                       8 in x 10 in                                          
District Chapter 109
Metro Washington DC
Beatrice and her Pearls         8 in x 10 in
Annie                               8 in x 10 in
Brunello                         8 in x 10 in
Loki                                                          8 in x 10 in
Zsu Zsu                                8 in x 10 in
My Cooper                             8 in x 10 in
Duke                                                        8 in x 10 in
Hans                                                         8 in x 10 in
Bo                                          8 in x 10 in
Artist Bio

Originally from a small town near Pittsburgh, PA and now a Maryland resident, I spent 35 years as an Army spouse and teacher. I began drawing 3 years ago for relaxation and entertainment, never expecting to discover any hidden talent. I watched videos, read books and took a community college art class to learn as much as I could and I am still learning. I now draw pet portraits and my goal is to make their facial expressions as lifelike as possible, especially their eyes.