District Chapter 109
Metro Washington DC
Gallery: Lis Zadravec                                                      www.LisArts.com

My Sugarplum
22 in x 19 in
The Conversion
19 in x 25 in
In Girlhood's Brief Respite
14 in x 18 in
My Antiques Row Show
30 in x 22 in
Narrative Portraiture, drawing people into stories, is where artist Lis Zadravec’s brilliance lies.  Rather than just creating portrait likenesses, she approaches her art as a writer creating a character.  Inspired by the look and staging of old oil paintings and illustrations poured over in books of our childhoods.  Lis studied at the Corcoran School of Art and she works in the modern-century medium of colored pencils.  Having worked as a cosmetologist and makeup artist, she loves the precision of a pencil point and the layering of color and wax. For each face Lis wants to create 28 translucent layers, like skin.  No, she wants to make real skin!

Born in Washington D.C., Lis began taking art classes at age four.  By 10, she was painting in the adult program at the Corcoran School of Art.  On the collegiate level, she studied again at the Corcoran as well as at American University, Montgomery College and with artists of the DC Color School.  Respected for her teaching as well as her artwork, Lis co-founded Crossroads School of the Arts in Herndon, VA, and has taught in many venues from Northern Virginia to upstate New York, children to adults.  Lis expresses her goal as this; ‘We all have been given the directive to multiply our gifts. I can think of no better way than to share mine while watching more art be created than I’d ever be able to do myself.’  While making her art, Lis has raised two children and built a teaching business.  She has ambitions in both her artwork and writing projects. She says, ‘A well-trained artist is a person who can do anything.’

Looking Back
10 in x 9.5 in
District Chapter 109
Metro Washington DC
Lovies at the Gate
25 in x 18 in
15 in x 15 in
24 in x 19 in
Snow Magic
10 in x 16 in
20 in x 17 in