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about CPSA & CPSA109


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Founded in 1990 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of colored pencil art and artists, the international CPSA comprises a network of district chapters across the US, and numerous artists worldwide.

The Washington DC Area District Chapter 109, founded in 1994, is a supportive network of artists who participate in informative meetings and other activities. The chapter sponsors regional shows and has hosted the CPSA International Exhibition two times.

To check on what’s happening at the national level go to

  • CPSA (the parent entity) is a registered nonprofit corporation—it provides the legal umbrella under which district chapters exist. Working on a broad scale, CPSA provides credibility for the entire organization and colored pencil artists, gains attention for colored pencil art in major art publications, sponsors conventions and exhibitions, conducts lightfastness testing, and encourages manufacturers to produce better products.

  • District chapters are a network of subsidiary entities around the U.S. operating under the umbrella of CPSA (the legal entity). Chapters represent and act as advocates of CPSA, advancing our organization’s mission and goals at the local level, and thereby extend the reach of CPSA—much like college houses of a fraternity. 

All artwork images on this website are copyrighted property of the artist/s. Do not duplicate or use without written permission.

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